Day 20 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Student Voice

Day 20!!!   

Yes this is the last challenge in 20 days to BlogTastic.  If you'd like to know more about this training click here.

Today we're wrapping up with ensuring your blog has student voice.  I've included a few more ideas for making it easier for you and your students to post to your class blog and a bit of challenge to look at creating individual student blogs in the future.

Mobile Blogging
Use the blogger app which is available for Android and iOS.  Make your students authors on your class blog using their email address, they then use this same email address to login to the blogger app and they can post from almost anywhere.

If you're in a situation where students have access to extensive wifi when they're around the school and to mobile data when they're out on trips this is a great way to get blog posts up and finished even before you've returned from the trip.

Photo Collages
A great way to get evidence of learning from your students is to use a photo collage app.  Most of these apps will export a file to your camera role so that you can add it to a blog post just like you would any other photo.  

The basic idea of photo collages is to get a variety of photos onto one page and then save that page as an image.  This way you can upload all of your photos as one just like this post from the Marvellous Meerkats today:

PicCollage is available on iOS (iPads, iPods, iPhones) and Android (Samsung, Nexus etc.) just note the rating on it - you need to supervise students on this app. 

Here's a few apps and sites you might like to try for creating collages and photo displays.

Android/iOs Apps
  • PicCollage ios (note 12+ Rating), Android 
  • PicFrame iosAndroid (note paid app)
  • Photo Collage Unlimited ios
  • Photo Grid Collage Maker Android
If you have access to iPads, I can't stress enough how great this app is for getting younger students blogging all by themselves.  If you haven't checked it out already give it a go
Creating Other Blogs
Don't be afraid to create another blog or two... sometimes if a class is posting regularly it can be a good idea to separate out another blog for a specific purpose like a writing blog, homework blog, competition blog ....  

If your keen to start your learners on the journey to collecting evidence of their learning why not look at creating individual student blogs, this is a great chance for students to really take control of posts and to start to create their own audience.

So, your last challenge is to release your class blog into the hands of your learners.  Start small with maybe those 2-3 learners you've been training up and continue to branch out until most of your class can post on their own.  Add links in the comments to posts your students have made on their own over the next few days. 

If you've thought of any other great ideas for giving students a voice on your class blog, add them to the comment as well.

Happy Blogging!! 

Have you completed all 20 challenges?  '
Remember to complete the feedback and certificate form (this link has been emailed to you if you have signed up).  Feel free to continue sharing this training with others and getting them to sign up.  The challenges aren't going anywhere.


  1. stay tuned ... we have set up easy blogger and are going to try it this week! I cannot thank you enough for this - I have learnt so much and my students will too.

    1. You're most welcome, have fun with EasyBlogger!


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