Sharing in Google Drive

It's the start of a new year, time for a refresh of some basics I think... it's so easy to forget how to do things when you've been on holiday and not using them for a while.

One of those things is how to share documents in Google Drive and what all those sharing settings actually mean...

Sharing can sometimes be a bit of a challenge in Google Drive especially when staff move on to another school and want to take documents with them or when new staff arrive and need to have access to shared documents.

I've created this presentation to explain the sharing settings and how they work...

It's really important to setup sharing within your organisation so that you're all following the same guidelines.  This keeps things tidy, easy to find and easy to manage with new staff and for those that are moving on.

Sharing with Teams / Whole organisations
I'd highly recommend sharing with folders and using group emails rather than individual emails where possible.  This makes it easier to add and subtract people from a document without having to manually change each folder or document - you just add or remove the person from the group.

If you're new to Google Apps then now is a great time to think about how you're going to setup your folders and who is going to have access to them.

If you've been using drive for a while, it's relatively easy to drag and drop individual files to a folder to force them to take on certain sharing settings.