iPads and Meraki - Setting Up

I've just worked with a small school to get their iPads up and running using Meraki.  I've done this process a few times and it seems to be getting easier, especially if you leave out Apple configurator. So I thought I'd share what I did...

Getting the iPads Ready
In order to get the iPads ready to work with Meraki I reset them all to factory defaults.  This means that they're clear of any previously installed apps, photos and videos and allows you to start from the beginning.

Once they've been reset you'll be able to set them up like a new iPad.
If you're working with new iPads you won't need to do this.

Setting up Apple ID GAFE accounts
The schools I work at tend to be GAFE schools so I created a few GAFE accounts and added alias's to them until I had enough accounts to cover the number of Apple IDs I'd need.
I set them up so that I have one Apple ID per device.  You can have about 10 Alias email addresses within one address - you don't have to have one GAFE address for every iPad.

Setting up Apple IDs
I do this using itunes on a mac
I go into itunes and sign out of all other Apple ID accounts
I then attempt to purchase a free app
As you need an account to purchase an app even if it's free I can create an account from with this step
Because I'm purchasing a free app I don't need to enter credit card details
Basically the details are the same or very similar and usually have the same rescue account.  I make note of all these details - first name, last name, security questions, DOB etc. and keep that note with other ICT setup files so if we ever need them we have them.

Setting up Meraki 
Create a Meraki account at www.meraki.com
Create a System Manager network
Add free iOS apps - tag if necessary
Add VPP account
Add Paid iOS apps - tag if necessary
Invite Apple IDs for Paid apps
Add devices to your network by getting the network code in Meraki make sure you tag devices as they come in so they're getting the correct apps

Setting up iPads
Work through those irritating first few steps when you first turn an iPad on
- Selecting the language and location
- Connecting to Wifi
- Entering an apple ID
- Turning location settings on (needed for Find my iPad)
- I turn off iCloud keychain but that's up to you
I had to do these as I'd reset the ipads to factory defaults.

Connect to Meraki and install the Meraki profile
Accept Meraki Invite