A GAFE Account with a Good Citizen...

I've been working with a great little school lately introducing students to their first and in some cases second GAFE (Google Apps for Education) account.

Our first stop on the journey was to look at citizenship and what it meant to be a good citizen when we're online.   The students were very aware of what it meant to keep personal information private and we had some great discussions about how we react to things when we're online.

We took a quick look at permissions and started talking about what we needed to do if we wanted to use someone else's work like a photo or video.  It was an interesting discussion about why we would need permission and how we would make sure that people new what we were posting had been created by someone else.  I think this will definitely be an ongoing part of our citizenship work as the year progresses.

Here's the agreement we're working with that's loosely based around the Netsafe schools agreement.  With further versions of the document I hope to incorporate the schools values.

For each part of the agreement we've started working on an explanation of what the students think it means.  I'm hoping the students will be keen to develop some video content of their own around their agreement.  I know they're really keen to share their knowledge and skills with younger students in the school, so this would give them a great starting point.  Watch this space for updates as we move through the year.