GAFE Summit - Auckland 2016

What a great two days of learning, sharing and getting inspired!  

I really enjoyed sharing three presentations while at the summit this year.

It was great to connect with many teachers during the presentations, over lunch and through the twitter feed.  The #gafesummit hash tag was definitely given a workout during the summit check out some of the inspiration....

When I wasn't presenting I got the privilege of experiencing a few of the other sessions.  There were so many to choose from, along with they keynotes, these are the ones I made it too.. 

A few of my many notes from the day.. 
  • Session 1 - Genius Hour /20% Time - Simon Ashby
    • I went to the Google Teacher Academy with this presenter and it was great to see him in action and hear about the learning his students are doing during 20% time.  
    • So much potential her for developing student's passions and getting them excited about learning
    • Authentic - students get to experience all the highs and lows of learning something new, they get to test out failure and how to get back up after that.  So important! 
  • Session 2 - The magic of movie making on the iPad - Jim Sill
    • Had a blast creating a video in four shots, what a great way to frame a story telling adventure!  It's so easy! 
    • We used Movie Maker or YouTube capture if Movie Maker wasn't on the ipad we were working with 
    • Jim shared his great resource pages with us 
  • Session 4 - Utilising GAFE in an Early Childhood classroom - Dorothy Burt
    • Dorothy Burt stepped in when another presenter wasn't able to make it.  It was great to talk through some of the Maniakilani journey and how they've involved their community in the process 
    • It was good to get some clarification around how their decisions were made and how the process is managed today.  
      • Everything about the device choices has been done in consultation with the community
      • The community have the opportunity to up-skill through information and learning sessions.  
      • The devices have been researched and tested - they didn't just all go 1:1 at the same time - however the pilot classes lead to the community making decisions about broading the device roll out - great!  Really listening to community voice.
      • Costs like insurance for broken/stolen devices have been clearing outlined and are quickly dealt with - teachers don't have to worry about it
  • Session 6 - Making learning visible, accessible and engaging in a digital learning environment - Matt Goodwin and Karen Belt
    • You wouldn't know these two are fairly new to teaching, they provided many insights into their classroom and the workflow they use in a digital environment 
    • Explain Everything was a big feature of Karen's class and it was interesting to hear all about how her students used it and how she planned using it.  
    • Matt shared how learners further up the school are making use of Google Apps as well as Explain Everything in some cases.
    • It was so awesome to see how open their planning and learning were - anyone can access at anytime through the class google site.  They've really thought about how it works and how easy it is to find a particular student's work. 
    • If you haven't already check out the Maniakilani classes on air, you'll get a first hand look at the great things Karen is doing with her class 
  • Session 8 - Breakout EDU is fantastic! 
    • Problem solving, critical thinking, team work, failing fast and just having a great time were all part of the process. 
    • Watch this space I think this could be the beginning of a lot of fun!