Advanced Phonics Training

Yolanda Soryl provided us with an advanced phonics training at staff meeting today. It was great to see a modelled lesson again and to affirm what I've been teaching for the past year. There were a few things that I had forgotten about especially the extra practice games. I think we'll definitely be doing a few more of those to get our kids through stage 4 and 5. I'll also be adding in the writing fluency which I have neglected a bit in the higher stages.

I really enjoy Yolanda's approach to phonics as it focuses on the teaching rather than the resources you might or might not use. I think it's a simple approach that really works! I have really enjoyed teaching it and have seen some fantastic progress in reading and writing while teaching it over the past year.

Here's the inspiration maps I made while listening to Yolanda's presentation this afternoon...

Yolanda has also posted some great videos of her teaching phonics, well worth a look if you haven't seen this system working before.