Activboard Training

We were very lucky again to work with Samantha one of the NZ Activboard trainers.

Here are a few things I took away from the training:
  • ActivExpressions again great fun for answering quick questions and getting who understands and who doesn't quickly.   Wouldn't it be great if we could get these without having to stress too much about what they will cost us.
  • Magic writing 
    • Blends, words
    • two and three digit numbers
    • letter of the week
    • colour on colour then use fill tool 
  • Undo and redo for clearing 1-2 mistakes
  • Activities
    • Insert, page, activities
    • Lots of pre-made template activities
    • use slider to zoom in/out to see activity before selecting it
  • Templates
    • Insert, Page, Templates
    • Basic flipcharts that can be quickly edited to change for classroom use
    • Makes it easy to setup flipcharts in class without having to add your own backgrounds
  • Dual User
    • Work with two pens at once
    • Great for demonstrating strategies
    • Great for brainstorming
    • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Text Cloze activity
    • Text tool
    • drag and highlight then drag out
    • fill tool, fill text you've just dragged
  • Camera Tool
    • Taking snapshots from different apps on your computer
    • Great for grabbing bits and peices that you've been looking at in class
  • Saving Flipcharts
    • Use 'single head' 
    • Create a new folder that makes sense to you
    • Drag and drop the picture into the folder
    • The action appears (green cross) let go when this happens
So, what am I going to action?
I think I'm going to look at extending the mathematics Flipcharts I've already created with a few more interactive parts including magic writing and using the cloze activity in a slightly different way.  I may also look at creating more independent workshop type activities that children can complete without teacher assistance - a great way to get used to using the voice recorder again.