I so want to go to ISTE 2014!!!

I've just finished watching the closing keynote for ISTE 2013 and loved it.  What a great inspirational speaker to finish a conference with!

I've heard about the ISTE conferences for some time now but being from NZ getting there is a little more difficult.  However I'm determined to try dam hard to get there next year!!

So why did I love this Keynote?

I can probably sum it up in one sentence
It was real and it challenged me.

What next?
Here's just a few things I thought about during and after watching this....

  • 'Google' classroom - why not have a whole classroom dedicated to that google principal of following passions rather than ticking a box or assessing the kids to death?  
  • Stop waiting around - get together with a few like minded teachers and make things happen, even if it only happens in one or two classes, it's doing something amazing for those one or two classes so just do it.
  • IEP for all, in that Google Classroom why not try an IEP for everyone that's part of that class?
  • Dream time - we set SMART goals all the time, but what about having some really big dreams too?  something that we don't actually know how we will achieve it when we first set out? 
  • Get back into your PLN, I've neglected this over the past year and a bit... having our first child might have had something to do with it :)... I need to re-connect and start sharing what we're doing with the world
  • Watch this space... I'm pretty sure this Keynote is going to be on my mind for a while so watch this space there's more to come.