Day 12 of 20 Days to Tech Tastic - Bookmarking

Just like you would if you're reading a book marking where you're up to online makes it easy to go away and come back when you've got time.

Today's challenge is about looking at the digital resources you currently use and thinking about how you can organise these so they're there when you need them.  It's also a chance to have a look at the digital resources your students use and think about how you could organise them as well.

Social bookmarking has been around for a while, basically it's like sharing what page you're up to in a book with everyone around you.  CommonCraft explains it really well...

Here are a few great bookmarking tools that you might like to try...

- Symbaloo 
A place to store all your bookmarks on one page, there's a free personal account and a few different options for education accounts.  It ends up looking like a grid.  Here's a video to explain what it's about...

- Diigo
A basic social bookmarking website.  You can add your diigo feed to your blog as well.  Don't forget to get a browser extension too so that you can add your bookmarks to your diigo library really easily.

- Pinterest
If you haven't heard of pinterest yet ... where have you been?  A great visual social bookmarking site. Plenty of potential for use in the classroom.

Like always if you have some great ideas for bookmarking please link to them in a comment or just put them straight into a comment on this post.