GTA Sydney

Here's my application to the Google Teacher Academy in Sydeny (#gtasyd).  Another great experience filling in an application and creating a video.  It made me think about how far our school has come in the last four years .... a long way.

The Video:

How I created it:

  • iMovie
  • Digital Camera
  • Screenshots
  • Music from 
It's a fairly simple movie, just a voice over a few photos and a little bit of filming around our school. iMovie is a really simple tool to use once you've played with it a few times, however it's powerful enough to produce some great videos for the classroom and beyond.  Here are a few tutorials that might help get you started if you haven't used it before

Other Applicants
Just like the applications for GTAMTV and GTAATL earlier this year there are plenty of great teachers out their applying for the academy.  It's a privilege to be able to take a peak into their classrooms and schools by watching their application videos.  I've pinned quite a few of them to this Pinterest board and will try and grab any others I find over the next few days and pin them too.  

All of the teachers that applied deserve recognition for taking a risk and providing their students with opportunities not only in learning with technology but providing amazing learning experiences in other areas as well. 

Good luck to all those teachers that applied, I hope to meet you in Sydney!