Sharing Treasures

I love this tool!

I hadn't done a lot more that just played around with Google Maps Engine before today, talking with a colleague last night thought got me thinking about all the possibilities for a map using our construct for the year 'Treasure' so today I tried it out with a year 5/6 class.

This was their first go at using Maps Engine and like many students they didn't need too much instruction on how to get things started.  We didn't have a lot of time but we've got the beginnings of a great treasure map here....

The idea is that the students will continue to add treasures to their map.  We've started by talking and looking at treasures that are close to us and the students have added placemarks to show this on the map.   Over the coming weeks we'll be refining this adding photos and videos and creating a few more layers within the map to categorise our treasures a little more.

I can't wait to get a few more collaborators in on the map too so that we can get some debate going about what makes a treasure.  I hoping to get a few of our other year 5/6 classes on board with this so that we can really get into what a treasure means to our students.  

I didn't know everything about Maps Engine before I started this activity with the students, but I gave it a go and we managed to work through technical issues together.  The students were very keen to just be told what they needed to do step by step rather than working it out themselves.  Perseverance on my part paid off by not giving them all the answers many of them worked together to figure it out and even went on to find their treasures using Google Street view for those that didn't know what their treasure was.

I think this could be the beginnings of a lot of action from this class on Maps Engine.