Tech Stars - Creating a Kano

Part of getting students to dream has been exposing them to different learning opportunities.  One of those has been the Kano

We started creating our Kano today, I worked with four lovely students, two in year two and two in year five.  What a great experience and we've only just started.

Here's the story so far from the students perspective....

It was super easy to setup, instruction storybook is really simple to read and understand students were able to do most of the setup themselves.  They needed a little help with one of the USB connections as it was a bit stiff but apart from that, I was able to be just the photographer!

They're very excited about being able to build their own computer and picked it up easily.  It was probably a little cramped with four students but still workable. 

Can't wait to see what they create with it!


  1. Wow you guys are so talented to be able to make a Computer!!!! I cant wait to see it!!!


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