Finding a Tribe to Create Ripples with..

If you haven't seen the amazing number of tweets with the #edchatnz tag this weekend you may have just been hiding under a rock - or not connected to Twitter yet in which case go here and get connected.

About to start with @michaelteacher

@MissDtheTeacher aka Danielle Myburgh and her awesome organising team as well as the tribal mentors and great helpers including students were all fantastic and made the experience something different, challenging, exciting, fun and engaging all at the same time.  My brain was definitely in need of rest after two action packed days so I waited a few days before creating this post.

Pukeko Tribe Connecting and Planning after Day 1
The conference theme was possibilities, when I first saw that my immediate thoughts were - this looks interesting and challenging as well as a little scary.  I wasn't disappointed.   I decided when registering for the conference that this was going to be one I headed to as a learner only instead of being a presenter and a learner.   The tribe we were placed in proved to be a great way to really get connection with a new group of people from different areas of the education sector with diverse needs and interests but as they were all attending an EdChatNZ conference they all had an open mind.  It was great to have a group of people to connect with that had shared some of their expectations and concerns and situations right at the start of the conference.  It meant we had a group of people to share the experience with that might be a little different to whom we would normally choose.

So What Did I Experience...?
Along with the great conversations we were able to have with our tribe, we also got the opportunity to listen to a few keynotes and attend a few breakout/workshop sessions.

  • I took a look at the Gaming research NZCER have been doing with .. and ..
  • Had a go at thinking about different perspectives with @geomoudly 
  • Created my very own cell phone stand
  • Connected with some of the learners at Rototuna and experienced some of the thinking and creativity activities they did when they started the year
  • Multiple connection points with my tribe to question, challenge, collaborate and plan where to next