Virtual Reality - Creation in the Classroom

One of my new favourite tools in the classroom is CoSpaces.  There are plenty of possibilities with creation using this website and soon to be fully functional app.  If you haven't already discovered it, check it out...

How might we use CoSpaces in the classroom?
Where do I start with this one? CoSpaces has a wealth of examples in their gallery already from creating your own virtual art museum to recreating scenes from famous stories, poems and plays.  Really this is up to your imagination, I think that's the best part of using this website - imagination and creativity are pretty much essential in creating an engaging CoSpace. 

There are a few pre-designed objects so you can start to create a space without thinking too much about how to create to objects within it.  But the real power I think comes from putting together the 3D shapes to create new objects, importing images and creating your own textures on stages and walls and then adding in your own audio content.  

I've already started using this with a year 5-8 class focusing on comprehension based around a story we read together.  Watch this space for a few examples as they start to build the world they've imagined from the stories we've been reading.   I started by reading the story to the students, we then signed up to CoSpaces and talked about what they might choose to create.  From there I directed them to tutorials (link via their Google Classroom assignment) and let them have a go.  They're slowly getting the hang of it.  Once they're ready to share I'll post links to a few of the spaces they've created.  

We'll be looking at recording audio to go with our spaces in the next few weeks - a great feature you can add to your space.  We'll probably use SoundTrap or something similar to create a bit of backing track with a few voice descriptions of their space.  

Here's a Padlet with ideas I've started collecting about how you might use this tool in the classroom.