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Google Expeditions - Just WOW!

Awesome Day!
I was very very excited about our school being chosen as one of the schools to be in the Google Expeditions Pioneer program.  What a great opportunity for our students to try cutting edge technology that is just well Awesome!  

I'm sure my management team thought my enthusiasm was a bit strange when I said we'd be using Google Cardboard to fly around the world, underwater, to the moon and basically anywhere our students could dream up.  They soon caught on to why I was so excited when they got to test out Google Expeditions for themselves.   I think the excitement in the room as the staff wondered all over El Capitan was on par if not more than when the students experienced their first expedition.

Here's a peek at the students and staff enjoying Google Expeditions throughout the day...

A few of our year six students had already presented their efforts with Google Cardboard at the Student Summit earlier this year so were very happy to see that Google Cardboard …