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Kerpoof! This is cool...

My class had a new favourite website.... most of them spent a good part of the day creating their own digital version of this narratives.  What a fantastic site!  If you haven't managed to get here yet... TRY IT NOW.  There are so many different applications for this website in the classroom.  It's free to sign up for a teachers account, takes about 24 hours to activate then you're ready to go. 
Here is a great video I found on youtube from the founder, talking you through some of the fantastic features of the site

Today the children in my room and another classroom that joined us created a mind map using inspriation to plan their narrative then logged in with their new student accounts and created a movie to go with their mind map.  This was a taster activity and turned out great, most of them were able to complete a movie that detailed everything they had planned in their mindmap.  Then once they had finished their movie they were able to save it.  These sh…

Tutorials on YouTube

If you haven't discovered this channel on YouTube yet then get on to it.  The create people of from Common Craft has explained all our lattest web tools in plain Englilsh... The one below is all about social networking... something the children in my class have been keen to embrace and have done so through give it a go!

Imbee ... Safe social networking?

Does anyone out their use imbee?  I'm looking into changing the way we give our children email & blog access and trying to give them a space that they can make their own on the web while making sure we have a safe space that doesn't require a whole lot of teacher monitoring. 
Imbee struck me as being a little commercial but I'm open to ideas has anyone else used it? 
Thoughts please..

Favourites / Bookmarking

If you're like me you visit a website and think ooohh I could use that for... and then chuck it in your bookmarks in the hope that when that ... comes along you'll be able to access it again.  I've had the misfortune of having a few computer crashes over the years and loosing all those precious bookmarks.  So lately I've been trying out a few new ways of keeping them safe...
Delcious: been around for a while now and well worth a look all bookmarks are kept in date order and searchable through tags you have added when you place the bookmarks. 
Simplybox: looks like a relatively new kid on the block where you can actually select sections of a website to boxes and then organise the boxes into containers.  I thought it was a pretty cool little ap, unfortunately it doesn't work for chrome yet.
There are hundreds of others out there I'm sure.. I'll let you know if I try any others in the near future.  For now if you're into trying things out here's a pretty …

Not another crazy frog!

I loved crazy frog, I'm one of those people that can listen to those really irritating songs over and over again.  I remember being one of the only people who loved the peanut butter nutter add that sanitarium put out 10-15 years ago.  I've just been searching you tube for a few Claymation examples to talk about with the children in my class and came across this video.  Very similar to crazy frog but even more repetitive.  I wonder if it will catch on...?

I visited the website and noted that you can send the annoying video in an e-card.  I've been talking to my class about internet safety today, we watched another episode of Hectors World it's amazing how much trust children place in the websites they're visiting.  This one is a prime example no security just give me your email address and you're friends email address... wonder what they plan to do with those.  We had an in depth discussion about Mooshi Monsters as scholzone has recently blocked this site, we ta…