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Photo of the Day - Full time in the Classroom

I've spent the last few weeks in the classroom with a group of amazing year 4 learners.  They already had an awesome blog setup that I had the privilege of adding to while I was in the classroom.  One of the initiatives I introduced the learners was to post a photo of the day.  Each day a new student was chosen as our photographer and they were able to take photos of our learning during the day.  Towards the end of the day learners were able to chose a photo they wanted to post to our class blog.  They were then able to write a sentence or two about the photo and why they chose it.  

While this was a pretty simple idea it was very powerful especially for those learners who find social interaction difficult - being the photographer allowed them to have a reason and purpose to talk to other students.  Part of our procedures around photographer for the day required students to ask before they took a photograph.  

This was part of our procedures as we talked at length about how importan…

Saturday Suite Tip: Sharing with Classroom

If you're a Google Classroom user you already know how easy it is to share documents with your students. How about sharing sites and getting them all on the same page at the same time? Check out the Share to Classroom extension to do just that...

Share to ClassroomShare to Classroom is a Google Chrome Extension that makes it easy to get your students onto the same website as you at the click of a button.  

It's as simple as it sounds..

Goto the website you want your class to be on
Click the 'share to classroom' extension
Share it to the classroom your students are part of
They'll get a notification to say their teacher is sending them to a site and all the need to do is hit yes and they're there.
What is an extension?An extension is a little add on for your Chrome web browser that extends its capability.  Sort of like apps there's an extension for pretty much everything you can think of from creating QR codes to blocking ads or creating GIFs and Screen cast…