20 Days to Blogtastic

Welcome to BlogTastic! 

Note: This course was created in 2015 so some of the design and settings in blogger have changed since then.  I will endeavour to update it soon.  The bones of the course are still relevant - you may just find a few of the settings, buttons etc in different places. 

You've reached one of my Google Suite training pages.  This one focuses on the use of Blogs in the classroom. 

You are welcome to sign up for this training anytime.  Watch out for an email from me once you've signed up, it'll have a few extra details in it about the training.

If you'd like to gain access to this training please fill in the form below or visit this link and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you've already had a 'Yahoo! Welcome Aboard' email, then let's begin...

If you've signed up and haven't received a welcome email please check your spam folder.

Before You Start:
Check that you have access to Blogger from your school email account or make sure you have admin rights on your class blog if you already have one setup. 

Your IT Lead teacher and/or technician should be able to find out for you.  If you have any problems please feel free to email me.

The Daily Challenges:
The links to appropriate blog posts will be updated here each day. 

Day 1 - Creation and Naming
Day 2 - Pretty stuff
Day 3 - Your first post
Day 4 - Linking it together

Day 5 - Digital Citizens
Day 6 - Our Classroom
Day 7 - Morning Statistics
Day 8 - Celebrating Success

Day 9 - Making posting easier 

Day 10 - Commenting and Sharing everywhere
Day 11 - Keeping track of projects 
Day 12 - Amazing writers

Day 13 - 
A week in the life of...
Day 14 - 
Following, Alerts and Hit Counters
Day 15 - 
Homework, Notices and Calendar
Day 16 - 
Social Media and other connections

Day 17 - 
Day 18 - 
Mascots and Travel Buddies
Day 19 - 
Further post ideas
Day 20 - Student voice

Once you're Done:
When you've attempted all 20 Challenges on your classroom or personal blog please click here to fill in the completion form and receive your certificate.


  1. Hi Not sure how to sign up

    1. Hi Robyn go to this form http://bit.ly/20daysblogtasticsignup fill it in and click the submit button at the bottom, then you're all signed up.

  2. this looks awesome Ange - hope you get lots of people signing up

    1. Thanks Karen, it's been really popular, had lots sign up. I'm really looking forward to seeing some great classroom blogs get up and running :)

  3. Hi Angela

    I have created the page through google doc for day 4 and was wonder if I have to go back through the old process to link it to my page. The things I have done today haven't shown on my page does this come later. I am sort of confused.


    1. Are you meaning a Google Drawing? If you're updating a Google Drawing for a page - adding different links etc. You need to first make sure you refresh your browser then ensure you're using the iframe link as explained in Day 4's post towards the end. It's a little bit technical. Have a go and let me know via email if you're still having issues.

  4. Hi Angela
    I seem to be having a problem with the link for Day 4 - can you help?

  5. http://room8explorersmilson.blogspot.co.nz/
    hope this is the right address now.

    Thanks Kylie :)

    1. Thanks for sharing! Great blog, love the green colour scheme.

  6. Really enjoying your tips Angela, I have been personal blogging for years but as a BT this year, are loving my classroom blog. Great evidence and backup for when my hard drive died!!.

    1. Sorry to hear your hard drive died, that's heart breaking! Glad you're enjoying the tips and that you've got evidence in the cloud that's not going to die on you anytime soon :)

  7. A question I meant to ask last week was when you remove the Navigation bar - does this mean that you always go to your settings etc through blogger.com? I think that I have always clicked on Design to change my settings etc.

    1. Thanks for asking - yes it does mean you'll always need to login through www.blogger.com a little annoying but worth it to prevent students inadvertently reaching a not so nice blog.

  8. Hi Angela. In my blog I have created some pages. One of the pages is called Mrs P. I have put two links to planning sites and a prezi I have done. One of the links and the prezi heading run together. How do I create a space between the items ?

    1. Hi Michelle, sorry about the late reply, you might need to go into the HTML code for the page and force a few lines to appear between the link the code for the Prezi. Try adding a few of these
      between them and see if that helps. If you post a link to your blog I can have a look for you :)

  9. Thank You Thank You Thank You. 5 weeks ago I had no idea what a blog was or where to start .... and now I have one up and running for my new classroom, by 5 year olds all have individual blogs and we are all learning together. I really appreciate you doing this! Thanks so much!

    1. You are most welcome, so glad to hear your five year olds have started with their own blogs and have a voice on your class blog, this is fantastic!

  10. Hi Angela. This looks like it is just what I need to get blogging with my class. I just have a few questions before I sign up. How long would it take for a techno dinosaur like me to work through these challenges? I did a bit of blogging over a year ago with my students but I found we were not getting any response from parents and others so the students lost interest. Really it was the students leading me through it.
    I am thinking that I may start this in late January when I am back from holiday as life is crazy at this time of the year for me.
    Can students just come on this and do the challenges also or is this primarily for teachers?
    Looking forward to your reply


    Susie McCreery

    1. Hi Susie, thanks for your interest. You can pick and choose which challenges you complete and you can always take longer than 20 days there's not time limit on the course. 20 Days is just what I started with as a guide. You're most welcome to use the challenges with your students.

      It is focused on teachers but older students could complete the challenges too, I'd say those in year 5-6 (10-11 year olds) would cope with the challenges and probably some able year 4 (8-9 year olds) students.

      You can always have a look through each challenge before signing up by clicking on the links above. That way you can direct students to whatever challenge suits.

      I hope that helps.



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