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Ressiting that telling tempation....

I've benn working hard at this little gem this year, resisting the urge to tell children rather than help them to find / work it out for themselves. The mathematics paper we're doing as a staff has highlighted the importance of this form me. Every time we tell a student how to work something out we then sometimes assume they have understood it yet research in the area of mathematics tells us they are not understanding it especially when we look at place value. I'm happy to dig out the research for anyone who's interested.

Anyhow my point is I've transferred this from maths to spelling, today we were looking at how to make a word into a plural and instead of explaining the rule and getting the children to practice it we brainstormed some nouns ending in O and then I got them to go away with a dictionary and try and work out what the pattern / rule was for turning these words into plurals. We'd already done some work using singpost letters and plurals, we'r…

ICT News - Useful?

This year I've taken on the role of being Teacher in Charge of ICT at our school. It has been a reasonably steep learning curve as I've had to get to grips with being in charge of a budget and being the go to person when something goes wrong with any of our ICT equipment. I've also had to learn to deal with managing problems and ensuring those that really are urgent get solved first. My management degree and systems experience has definitely come in handing over the course of the last three terms.

One of the things I've tried to implement this year is a regular ICT News bulletin that includes useful links, passwords, and short how to guides. I've also tried to introduce a variety of web based tools for use in our computer suite and within classrooms. The comments from staff have been very positive which is fantastic I'm glad I can help to inspire in some small way. Now I'm looking at how to improve the bulletin, however this is difficult as we all know tea…

Wiki Journals

We've had a very busy term so far and only a week until our Junk to Funk show ARGH!

The children have really enjoyed using our wikispace as a journal to record the process they have been through to make their artworks. They have all been making a piece of wearable art out of junk. I started off by taking photos each time we did anything with our Junk to Funk topic so we built up quite a few photos.

The last two weeks however the children have taken over asking to use the camera and taking their own photos to add to their journals. They have really started thinking about what kind of photos they are taking and how they are going to make them more interesting.

Having a wikispace means they are able to work on their journals at home as well, it's a welcome change to get an email saying *** has edited their journal and reading the little updates they've made at home. I can't wait to start sharing the journals with our year 1-2 buddy class over the next two weeks.

At the momen…