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Maths - Nikki Knight - Meeting 4

We're having more great Professional Development today with Nikki Knight.  Working on Maths again.  This meeting is all about fractions.

We kicked off looking at children's answers to multiplication and division questions and matching them up with the stages the children were at.  I find this very beneficial especially when clarifying what stage a child is actually thinking at.  It also highlights how much analysis needs to be done before you're clear about a child's maths stage.  It isn't just about doing the test and getting an answer.

Nikki passed on a reading for us to do at the last meeting and we spent some time reflecting on what this reading was telling us.

Looking at fractions

Difference between half of a shape and half of a set of objectsSet of objects is more difficult for students to understand.  We need to ensure we are working with students to ensure they understand both of these aspectMultiple opportunitiesstudents need frequent exposure to fractions…