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Maths - Nikki Knight - Meeting 4

We're having more great Professional Development today with Nikki Knight.  Working on Maths again.  This meeting is all about fractions.

We kicked off looking at children's answers to multiplication and division questions and matching them up with the stages the children were at.  I find this very beneficial especially when clarifying what stage a child is actually thinking at.  It also highlights how much analysis needs to be done before you're clear about a child's maths stage.  It isn't just about doing the test and getting an answer.

Nikki passed on a reading for us to do at the last meeting and we spent some time reflecting on what this reading was telling us.

Looking at fractions

Difference between half of a shape and half of a set of objectsSet of objects is more difficult for students to understand.  We need to ensure we are working with students to ensure they understand both of these aspectMultiple opportunitiesstudents need frequent exposure to fractions…

Activboard Staff Meeting

We're in to our second Activboard Staff meeting for the year this afternoon.  This year we have booked two sessions with ActivboardNZ trainers.  Today's session was a science based theme with ideas around dual pens, containers and other science activities.

Ideas from the session:
Who's the winner game based on pulling objects up to make the one in the middleusing dual pens so both students can competeIdeas from staffConnect 4Speed TestsPictionary or drawing competitionsUsing templates already built in to Activinspire to have Flipcharts setup alreadyEmbed HTMLOnly available on websites that have embed code available Using Promethean PlanetSearching using search term and then sorting by most downloaded or most recent to get more useful flipchartsSearching planet before creating FlipchartsScience Learning HubUse for science resources Great images and videos created for NZ curriculumUsing labelsUse to introduce what parts of objects are calledLabels show when children hover ove…

Maths Staff Meeting 3

Another staff meeting filled with great discussion and ideas from Nikki Knight.

Great ideas
Flipper with playing cardsUsing cards 'flip' over a card each and either add, subtract or multiply together Sparkle Box Place value bingo using tens/ones materials and matching with number words/numbersPosters with digits, number words and counters for numbers to 20 as a home practice/work activity and reading activity like words flash cardsAiming warm ups at your mid-high students current knowledge gaps ensuring visual representations for those that aren't up to the gaps you're working on   Working out stages from scenarios
Great conversations to be had here working out what stage students are at.  A good way to test our knowledge of the stages and what the differences are between the twoLooked at the difference between a student that is working well into stage six and able to explain an algorithm using sentences like 'I am exchanging one ten for ten ones and adding it to the…

Maths Staff Meeting 2

We're very lucky again to be working with Nikki Knight on maths.

This week we recapped the last staff meeting

What's the difference between the stagesStage 4 and 5Counting on to breaking up numbersStage 5 and 6Main difference is the complexity of the problem Two stage problemsStage 5 no re-namingStage 6 holding more steps in your head, renamingReal Life contextEnsure problems relate to children's interestsmake it authentic!Get children to tell you what the maths equation isModelling BooksUse them as a record of learning rather than a text bookRecord children's strategiesMaterialsMust give children the opportunity to use these and re-visit them if they need to Children might get to imaging however need to fall back to materials if they get confused or loose their wayUse materials in follow up if that is where children are atPlace Value 

Warm up NIM NIM 3,4,5Modeling book exampleSuccess criteria as steps Think aloud using steps Noting students strategies and what they were/…

Maths Staff Meeting

Once again I'm very grateful to be able to sit in on a staff meeting where great learning happens.  Our staff meeting tonight was presented by Nicky Knight and was all about what good maths lessons and teaching is.

Some of the highlights of the afternoon ....

Being reminded about the beauty of mathematics through watching a video where numbers have been manipulated to make different things.  Illustrating the numerical values of attitude, hardwork and knowledge.  It's all about attitude! Nicky sharing warm up ideas that include the ability for students to debate and defend their answers and also encourage conversation and working in groups in the classroom. Looking closely at the basic structure of a maths block that includes a warm up focused on knowledge gaps, short, sharp oral and written instructions and group teaching time.  It also includes early finishers planning and reflection time that isn't limited to the end of a lesson.Sharing reflection time ideas like using bea…

Activboard Training

We were very lucky again to work with Samantha one of the NZ Activboard trainers.

Here are a few things I took away from the training:
ActivExpressions again great fun for answering quick questions and getting who understands and who doesn't quickly.   Wouldn't it be great if we could get these without having to stress too much about what they will cost us.Magic writing Blends, wordstwo and three digit numbersletter of the weekcolour on colour then use fill tool Undo and redo for clearing 1-2 mistakesActivitiesInsert, page, activitiesLots of pre-made template activitiesuse slider to zoom in/out to see activity before selecting itTemplatesInsert, Page, TemplatesBasic flipcharts that can be quickly edited to change for classroom useMakes it easy to setup flipcharts in class without having to add your own backgroundsDual UserWork with two pens at onceGreat for demonstrating strategiesGreat for brainstormingSynonyms and antonymsText Cloze activityText tooldrag and highlight then dra…