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Being specific about feedback

I've just watched this video:

It got me thinking about the kind of feedback we give to students especially when we're marking books, or digital work.  Is it specific enough?  Is it the kind of feedback that is going to allow them to re-draft and get better at what they've done?  Or is it the kind of feedback we just give because we have to mark work and we've finished the activity.

The resonated with me when I look at my own teaching practice and try to be specific with feedback sometimes I slip into that need to just finish a task and give a little bit of feedback about what the students have completed vs giving them really specific feedback on where they can go next.  The time I have with the students is often a factor in the feedback I give them.  Something I need to be more aware of it I think as the less specific feedback isn't going to be helpful to them.

As an ICT lead teacher working with small groups of students the feedback I give them is often on the sp…