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Evaluations - Negative, Positive, Constructive

After completing one of my three presentations a Ulearn I've received some evaluations.  I'm always a bit wary opening the evaluation doc/site as it's difficult to gauge how you've been received, especially in an action packed workshop were people might not necessarily voice how they're feeling or feel comfortable enough to answer questions at the time, but often have no problem with making their feelings known through an evaluation form.

The first workshop I ran with two colleagues at Permission to Play (the pre-conference section of Ulearn). We created a scenario for this workshop that involved learners (teachers in this case) trying to rescue lego people in any way possible.  Each team or table were given a box filled with missions and a whole lot of things they could use to solve those missions including a bit of technology.

We wanted to keep the situation fairly open in unstructured with as little guidance as possible to the 'right' answer.  Somethin…