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Day 10 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Commenting Basics and Share Everywhere

The only way to get visitors to your blog is to let people know that it exists we're focusing on sharing our blogs and giving and receiving comments today.  
One of the many great things about blogs is the ability for others to leave comments on your work, this aids collaboration and gives your students a real audience. 

Better late than never... Today is Day 10 of 20 Days to BlogTastic, if you'd like to know more about this training please click here.

Sharing Everywhere
Here's a few places to start sharing your blog address (refer to Day 1 for how to get your blog address)
School newsletterClass notes homeSchool website and other social media - Twitter & FacebookIn your email signature In an email to all staff in your schoolIn an email to your teaching friends, family and colleaguesQR codes on your classroom door and notice boardQR codes in the office of your schoolScan is a QR App that allows you to scan QR codes.  Here's their intro video that explains a bit about wh…

Day 9 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Making Posting Easier

Today is all about celebrating success and creating blog posts to go with it.  If you're keen to find out more about the 20 Days to BlogTastic please click here

Your class blog should be all about your students right?  Sometimes it's difficult to get students doing the posting especially if they don't have their own accounts to work from.  So here's a few ways to make that a little easier to achieve in your classroom.

Easy Blogger - iPad app 
If you've got iPads I highly recommend purchasing the EasyBlogger app here's a link to it in the app store.  It's really simple to use once setup and yes even 5 year olds can post to your blog using this app without too much prompting from you.  They can choose to post a photo, text or video.  They can also add voice to the photo and text if they want to.  

The other great thing about this app is they can use content from the camera roll on the iPad, so if they've made a puppet pals video for example they can import …

Day 8 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Celebrating Success

Today is all about celebrating success and creating blog posts to go with it.  If you're keen to find out more about the 20 Days to BlogTastic please click here

Celebrating success in learning is something I feel strongly about.  I think it's really important to celebrate those things we've worked hard at, we've shown resilience to get to and persisted until the end.  I believe it's important to celebrate individual and group success.  

So what ways can we celebrate success on our class blogs?  Here are a few ideas...
Weekly certificate recipients Student of the week Moving up a reading, writing or maths levelBuilding understanding/skills in a rubric Getting to the next stage in a projectFinishing a project Maths warm up championsClass Dojo winner for the day/week/termMost correct questions on Skoolbo/Mathletics/Study LadderI'm sure you can think of other examples that would be specific to your classroom situation.  Here's a few links to celebration posts te…

Day 7 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Morning Statistics

Welcome to Day 7 of 20 Days to BlogTastic, we're looking at morning statistics today.  If you'd like more information about this training please click here.

I got this idea from a teacher at Rowandale - Michael Davidson.  Earlier this year Michael regularly posted a morning bar graph on his blog that his students have helped to create. Here's the link to this year's graphs.  

Morning Statistics
This activity is completed by the students as soon as they come into the classroom or while you're taking the roll.  There are plenty of things you could look at...
Calendar mathsDays of the weekMonths of the yearNumber of days at school so farNumber of days left in the week / term / yearCountdown to big eventsWeatherTimeRainfallTemperatureWind speedType of weatherForecast Quick questions with bar graphOpinions about news article Favourite thingsThis or that questionsVote for story / type of activity / display Who's here / not hereattendance percentage for the class as a who…

Day 6 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Our Classroom

Today is Day 6 of 20 Days to BlogTastic and we're focusing on building up our blog posts for the rest of this week.  If you'd like to be involved in this training please click here.

It's important to get your blog into the hands of your students so that their voice and their learning is heard.  This provides them with a sense of ownership and is more likely to get their parents and caregivers on board.  Especially when they hear that their son or daughter made today's blog post.

So how do you do that?
Well it's not going to happen right away, you do need to setup clear procedures for your students and ensure they understand what good citizenship is and the implications of posting online before you let them create their own posts. 

What are we doing today?
Today's post is all about your classroom.  I got this idea from the 64 Interesting Ideas for Class Blog Posts a crowd sourced document originally created by Tom Barrett.  You can find plenty more here.  If you eve…

Day 5 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Digital Citizens

It's the second week of 20 Days to BlogTastic.  You've reached Day 5 if you'd like to get involved with this training please click here

Today we're thinking a little more than doing, we'll be looking at digital citizenship or what should really just be called citizenship now as we're integrating technology into so much of our lives.  

As a blog is your live learning journey or diary it's a great place to teach your class about citizenship and how to deal with situations that are both good and bad in a digital environment.

Approach citizenship as a positive activity - always talking about what it looks like, feels like and sounds like to be a good citizen.  It's easy for you and and students to say what you shouldn't do. Challenge yourself and your students to go deeper and think about what should be happening, there's lots of room for debate in these discussions.

Here is NetSafe's definition of a digital citizen released in 2010
A digital citizen…

Day 4 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Linking it Together

Phew!  Last challenge for this week... 
Thanks to all of you who've stopped by this week and tried out the challenges, there have been some great blogs showcased in the comments.  Remember you can get the list of all the blogs that have been shared over the last few days here on Day 2's challenge

Today is Day 4 of 20 Days to BlogTastic if you'd like more information about this training please click here

We're going to look making your blog a landing page for your class today - linking it to all of your digital content that you currently use and hope to use this term. 

This is one of the best ways to ensure your blog becomes an integral part of your classroom and not just another add on that starts off great and then dies away.

Creating Pages
We're going to create a page for reading, writing and maths as those tend to be the big three areas teachers have digital content in.  I'd also recommend you look at creating a page for your term topic/theme/inquiry once you'…

Day 3 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Your First Post

Today is Day 3 of 20 Days to BlogTastic If you'd like to join in on the training click here

Yahoo!  Congratulations to those of you that have a blog setup and looking gorgeous, now let's get to the important stuff...We're looking at making your first blog post today, jump straight in - log onto your blog and click a 'new post' button.  Here's an explanation of what they look like and where to find them.

When you first log into your blog you can click this button to go directly to making a new post.  It will be next to the name of your blog. If you’ve already clicked the name of your blog you’ll see this button at the top of your screen. Click on it to go directly to making a new post If you’re already in your blog this button will appear on the left hand side of your screen in the sidebar.  Click on it to go directly to making a new post.
Check out these Thinglinks that show the different areas of a blog post:

Basic Outline of a new post

Click on each of these links t…

Day 2 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Pretty Stuff

Updated: now includes video showing how to add and remove gadgets on your blog.

You've made it to Day 2 of our 20 Days to BlogTastic Training.  If you'd like more information or want to join the training click here

Wow, great to see so many blogs being created and updated yesterday.  Hopefully I've ironed out the email bugs and we're full steam ahead.  

Here's a list I compiled from the comments with all the blog addresses in it.  

If you haven't already remember to add your blog address in the comments on yesterday's post here's a link to the post.  I'll keep updating this blog list as more blogs are added.  We'll use this list later in the training to make a few more connections for our students.

Today we're looking at the different things you can do to make your class blog personalised for your class.  This challenges looks at ways of changing the standard themes to suit your school and class.  

Template Designer
This video explains how to use t…

Day 1 of 20 Days to BlogTastic - Creation and Naming

You've made it to Day 1 of our 20 Days to BlogTastic Training.  If you'd like more information or want to join the training click here
Today we're setting up our classroom blog or for those of you that already have one we're checking the settings you've currently got.

What is a Blog?
If you're a bit unsure about what a blog actually searching Google tells us a blog is...

a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

add new material to or regularly update a blog.
"it's about a week since I last blogged"
Or try this video created by the Wordpress team (Wordpress is another blogging platform)

New Zealand Practising Teacher Standards

Time to update my blog to reflect the new Practising Teacher Standards.   From now on I'll be tagging blog posts with the new standards where appropriate.  You'll be able to find posts by clicking on my Practising Teacher Standards page and clicking on the standard you want to  view evidence for.

Information and further details about the standards can be found on the Education Council page - here

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Partnership

Professional Learning

Professional Relationships

Learning Focused Culture

Design for Learning