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3D Modelling

So I've been playing around with Google Cardboard, Photospheres and a few other 3D environments over the past few weeks ... Lots of fun!  More importantly lots of learning opportunities!!

I've found Blender to be fairly easy to use and fairly powerful, it's FREE and you can download it here

There are also plenty of willing helpers on YouTube who have created some great tutorials.  Here are a few I used to help me build my first cup.

How to use Blender by +dillongo2

Two Part Blender Tutorial for Beginners by +tutor4u

Here's the cup I built/designed...
I'm hoping to do a bit more learning over the coming two week non-contact time and share it with some of our senior students in term 2 so watch this space for a few more interesting 3D models.

The reason I made the models was because I wanted to have a few more things we'd created in to view in Google Cardboard.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this process with the students, as they're keen to create …

Our Treasures - with jetpacks!

Last year I embarked on a mapping project with a class of year 5 and 6 students to help them to become more aware of the treasures that are in their neighbourhood.

This year, after some intensive testing, playing, and creating over my summer break, we've put a few things together to create the ultimate treasure map and school tour...

Google Camera
This little beauty of an app allows you to take 360 degree photos anywhere! Check out the Google plus community  and Google Views for photos from around the world... you can sit back and experience pretty much anywhere in the world in glorious 360 degree views right from your arm chair.  Yes it's been around for a little while but have you thought about using it in the classroom?

Here's a few that I can share...

Views: Beautiful flowers by Angela Lee

Views: HOM Walkway by Angela Lee

Google Maps
Have you checked out the 360 views on google street view recently?  You can now embed any of these into a website, blog post etc.  What a grea…