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Googly Goodness - Administrator Workflow

I didn't go to the South Island GAFE summit that has just finished but I did follow along via Twitter and Google Plus.  What a great conference.. impressive!

One of the many great things that I got out of following all the links, quotes, pictures, videos etc that were Tweeted was how to improve my ability to deal with email.  As anyone in administration, management, leadership knows email can creep up on you very quickly.

One of the links posted was to Rob Clarke's presentation on taming your email
I had a quick read through this and really liked the YouTube video posted explaining priority inbox.

I've used priority inbox since it first came out and it's brilliant.... however I still have thousands... yes thousands of emails in my inbox... so I needed a bit more.

Another link popped up about using Boomerang (also mentioned in Rob's presentation), this came through as one of the presentations on Chrome extensions... what a great little app.

Check out their website,…

Movie Making in the classroom - PowToon

So I've decided to have a bit of a focus for the next few posts about movie making in the classroom.  I'm working with our school news team and hoping to try out a few of the ideas I post here.  I'll let you know how we go.

Here's the first app I've come across that I haven't tried before.. gave it go tonight and pretty impressed with the results.

What a great little app, and you can add it directly to Google Drive so you can create from there.
I found it pretty easy to use.  There are some great tips when you first open that app on how to use it that are well worth watching rather than just skipping over.

This video was designed to be shared with classroom teachers to re-focus their classroom blogs with a few tips.  Lots of potential for other uses too.  Please add your comments on how you've used this app.

How am I going to use this with the news team..
* Adverts for upcoming events, fundraising, trips
* Reminders about school rules, out of bounds, change…