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Time to Let Go!

I've had a great week with my class this week, they have really shown me that live in a digital world. This is their space. I think I've known that for a while but I've held back because I wasn't sure if it was okay to let them loose and to be digital rather than pen and paper... what will the school community say? I'm I going to have to explain why it is so important for this change to happen in our classroom? What will other teachers say? is always in the back of my mind.

I've made one big mistake though, one of the children asked me if they could draft their work on the computer and I said no we're only planning our work then printing it out and drafting in our draft writing books so that you can edit in red pen and then conference with me on it. You should have seen the look of disappointment on his face. ARGH why did I say that! I guess it's because I have this preconceived idea that I need to check how they are editing their work and see wha…

At their fingertips...

Well it's only been two days but already I've had teachers comment about the changes I've made to my classroom and most importantly the children in my class are loving it. They are at home with the new computers at their fingertips design of our classroom and wish they could have more. I knew it would be something they enjoyed but I didn't think that it would be that enjoyable, I guess I underestimated how much more engaged they would be.

Things to smile about:
- new writing, reading and mathematics contracts making use of computer groups for warm ups, discussions and brainstorms
- engagement in learning even when they aren't using the computers.
- whole class is more involved as they have a 1:3,4 or 5 ratio so more opportunity to contribute

Things that need tweeking
- creating comments via our blog, not working too well through our network
- getting the cords to stick in the right place so they don't get run over by seats, desks or feet.
- traffic jam around art ar…

Attempting to Integrate ICT Just a Little Bit More

Well after much debate and lots of moving of desks and chairs I've come up with a new classroom layout for term 3. Of course this may all change again once they children finish their scale maps on how they would like to the classroom to look. Thanks to

Here's what it looks like for now....

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

There's one big group in the middle with xtenda and decent speed xp system and three other groups to the side, one with a mac laptop and two with older xp based machines. I'm hoping to get another machine to take over the mimio & projector duties as it's a pain having my laptop permanently attached to it makes release time a little harder as I have to pry laptop away from the children.

More Mathematics Workshops

Well a huge thanks has to go to Jacqui Sharp again for her inspiration for mathematics workshops... I've created two more for this terms strand focus which I plan to share with the rest of the team.

I plan to use these after I have introduced the children to each aspect so they will be come practice and reinforcement rather than straight introductions to the topic.

To get the great animations and the sound effects you'll need to download the file from slideshare :) The children in my class enjoy music and like to have things move around the screen so I've added a few in this time. Slideshare also wipes out the inking I've used via my tablet so you'll need to download the file to get that as well.

I'd love to hear your comments on these two workshops!

Statistics- Statistical Investigations Workshop 1
View more presentations from Angela Lee.
Probability - The Basics Workshop 1

View more presentations from Angela Lee.

There's just something about having a choice...

Well it's finally the last day of term 2... it's been a long term. Today I wanted to reflect on the choices I've given my class in the last week. I like to round off each term with a finishing off period where we work on reflecting on the term and getting things finished that we might not have been able to during the previous weeks in the term. This means that the children get a choice as to what they are doing. We create a Big Scary List together that really isn't all that scary and they need to finish everything on it in order to participate in fun things on Friday or the last day of the term.

Now this works really well for most children in the class they enjoy being able to work at their own pace and to choose what to do next. One thing I have noticed this year especially with having year 4's is that there are more children who can't handle this opportunity, they choose basically not to do anything if left to their own devices. This means I end up havi…

Better than maths...

I've been working with the children in my class on measurement this term with a focus on length, width, area and perimeter. Today as one of the last activities of the unit I talked to the children about how I'd like to change the classroom around during the upcoming holiday break. I explained that I'd really like them to decide where we are going to put everything so they are going to create their own classroom maps and we'll vote once they're finished.

Being a class full of kids hungry for competition they thought this was a great idea. We had a short discussion on how maps are made and what scale means on a map. We also talked about using a scale of 1m = 10cm just to make it easy.

Anyhow I set them to work on measuring pretty much everything in the room so that they could then use our scale and create their own classroom maps. They all went about this rather mamouth task. After working on this for about 25-30mins one of my girls came up and said "Thi…