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Connected through Play

I had the privilege of connecting with a great group of educators over the weekend at Edu Camp RotoVegas.  The right people, the right time and the right place.  I really enjoy this type of PD as it's all about who's there and what they need right now.

It's so uplifting to get together with a group of people who are striving to make education better for their learners (students and teachers).  I was particularly inspired by the stories from Steve Katene and the work they're doing at Richmond Road school in Napier.  I really enjoyed listening to his journey, particularly how they were taking risks and were prepared to question everything they were doing.  It sounds like a great place to work!

I grabbed a few toys to take down with me and offered to give people a go using Google Cardboard, Ollie, Sphero and the Makey Makey Go's that I have.  I'm a bit of a new toy nut, especially when it comes to technology.  These were just a few of the ones I've picked up o…

More about Sharing - Public Documents

Following on from the Slidedeck I shared about the sharing settings in Google Apss, here's a bit about how you can share documents publicly...

It's a good idea to think about how you're sharing your digital resources and if this is the best way moving forward.  Also think about what your school or work policies are around sharing documents you've created while in the workplace.