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Activboard Staff Meeting

We're in to our second Activboard Staff meeting for the year this afternoon.  This year we have booked two sessions with ActivboardNZ trainers.  Today's session was a science based theme with ideas around dual pens, containers and other science activities.

Ideas from the session:
Who's the winner game based on pulling objects up to make the one in the middleusing dual pens so both students can competeIdeas from staffConnect 4Speed TestsPictionary or drawing competitionsUsing templates already built in to Activinspire to have Flipcharts setup alreadyEmbed HTMLOnly available on websites that have embed code available Using Promethean PlanetSearching using search term and then sorting by most downloaded or most recent to get more useful flipchartsSearching planet before creating FlipchartsScience Learning HubUse for science resources Great images and videos created for NZ curriculumUsing labelsUse to introduce what parts of objects are calledLabels show when children hover ove…

Maths Staff Meeting 3

Another staff meeting filled with great discussion and ideas from Nikki Knight.

Great ideas
Flipper with playing cardsUsing cards 'flip' over a card each and either add, subtract or multiply together Sparkle Box Place value bingo using tens/ones materials and matching with number words/numbersPosters with digits, number words and counters for numbers to 20 as a home practice/work activity and reading activity like words flash cardsAiming warm ups at your mid-high students current knowledge gaps ensuring visual representations for those that aren't up to the gaps you're working on   Working out stages from scenarios
Great conversations to be had here working out what stage students are at.  A good way to test our knowledge of the stages and what the differences are between the twoLooked at the difference between a student that is working well into stage six and able to explain an algorithm using sentences like 'I am exchanging one ten for ten ones and adding it to the…