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Cultural Contexts

This is the fourth blog post requirement for my Applied Practice in Context paper through The MindLab - Post Graduate course.

The requirement was:
Write a blog post where you reflect on the provided readings and videos. Suggested length200-300 word.
The provocations for this post were:
How does indigenous knowledge relate to social justice?How does this relate to human rights?How can you ensure kaitiakitanga or care and protection of indigenous knowledge within teaching practice?Why is this a responsibility within my context of practice? Some of what we're experiencing now in terms of ecological issues relates to people not knowing enough about how what they're doing effects the world around us.  I wonder if those that have created much of our ecological disasters would have continued on the same path if indigenous knowledge had been accepted or given the same value as their own scientific knowledge.  
Indigenous knowledge have similarities across the world - the most prominent…


An interesting topic - Ethics
This post relates to a requirement for my Applied Practice in Context paper through The Mindlab
The requirement is: Read the article on Applied Professional Ethics by Collste(2012).Blog post 3 – ‘Applied ProfessionalEthics’Make a blog post where you outline the key points you took from the article and note where or how they are relevant to your teaching context.

I wanted to have a better understanding of Applied Ethics before I read the article.  A google search reveals a definition for Ethics as: 

Further searching reveals a Wikipedia definition of applied ethics as:
With this in mind the key points I took from the article and how they related to my teaching practice are: Applied ethics involves many different disciplines and came about due to changes in society and new moral dilemmas that weren't previously an issue.It's interesting to think about what I didn't have any idea about as a child, but which is now part of everyday life for the ch…

Developing Critical Vocabulary

As part of the Applied Practice in Context paper I'm doing through the Mindlab and Unitec I was asked to created a list of definitions for some rather interesting words.

Here's that list as a Google Slide Presentation...

A little more rushed than I would have liked but it's done.  They're probably not words I'm going to rush away and put into use everyday but they did provoke a few thoughts.

More on those later.

My Practice

I'm looking at my practice again as part of the Applied Practice in Context paper, the final one in my Post Grad Mindlab course.
So here's the brief:
The statements below are the same as the ones used for your Vlog, but in your second blog post you will need to support your answer with data /research or information.  Don't overthink these statements as they are only here to help provoke ideas and responses. 
You may include your own provocations. How would you define the context in which your practice is situated?What is the purpose and function of your practice?How does your context of practice relate to other contexts of practice?What are the core values that underpin your area of specialisation?How are these values articulated within:your organisational cultureorganisational policy organisational ethicsWhat are the legal,regulatory or professional requirements within your field and how do these effect your practice or community?
Interesting, I had to really think about how I…