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Building Blocks to Literacy

Hmmm... a one day conference that makes me think early on a Saturday morning! Actually it was well worth it both for new ideas and reaffirming what we are doing is going down the right track. I haven't heard Barbra Brann speak before so was interested in gaining some insight into the way she has developed the building blocks to literacy programme.

The conference allowed us to see a variety of activities and approaches Oteha valley and Arahoe school are using with the building blocks to literacy programme. Here are a few of the thoughts I had during the day along with my notes from the Keynote speakers:

"Children are often pushed into formal learning before they are ready" I agree in theory. However as a year 2 teacher I can't see how I can justify stopping children from writing and formal reading instruction until they have all of the skills deemed necessary to the programme. This is one area of the conference that really made me think, challenging my firm belief…

Differentiated Coaching

I can teach children, I've been doing it for 5 years but now I've been asked to help teachers improve their skills both in my role as Director of ICT and as a tutor teacher for those new to the profession. I guess I haven't really given much thought until now about how that is different to teaching children but it is... a lot different.

I've just come back from a day where I learnt about exactly that - teaching or in this case coaching teachers. The day was run by Interlead and called Differentiated Coaching.

We looked closely at how different teachers need to be coached in different ways. Using the Myers Briggs personality test we analysed different ways of coaching different personality types. It was stressed throughout the day that although we might test as a certain personality we can all exhibit most of the personality traits at different points in our lives so there is no hard and fast rules that are going to work for everyone. However it's still wort…

The Reggio Approach

I've been lucky enough to participate in some fantastic professional development lately. One of the courses I've attended was "The Wonder of Learning Through the Environment"  a one day conference about using the about using the Reggio approach. This was held in the beautiful grounds of St Cuthberts College and hosted/organised through Reanz (Reggio Emilia Aotearoa New Zealand). They were fantastic hosts and we really enjoyed the chance to have a look around the grounds during our lunch break.

I haven't done very much research into the Reggio approach it has tended to be something I'd like to have a look at but never got around to doing. So this opportunity really appealed to me. The approach is one that allows children to have more time to discover and experience the world in their own time rather than sticking to the rigid schedules we sometimes have. The videos and information we received from the schools, kindergartens and early learning centres tha…