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Finding a Tribe to Create Ripples with..

If you haven't seen the amazing number of tweets with the #edchatnz tag this weekend you may have just been hiding under a rock - or not connected to Twitter yet in which case go here and get connected.

@MissDtheTeacher aka Danielle Myburgh and her awesome organising team as well as the tribal mentors and great helpers including students were all fantastic and made the experience something different, challenging, exciting, fun and engaging all at the same time.  My brain was definitely in need of rest after two action packed days so I waited a few days before creating this post.

The conference theme was possibilities, when I first saw that my immediate thoughts were - this looks interesting and challenging as well as a little scary.  I wasn't disappointed.   I decided when registering for the conference that this was going to be one I headed to as a learner only instead of being a presenter and a learner.   The tribe we were placed in proved to be a great way to really get con…

Creating games with Makey Makey

I've had Makey Makey's for a while - they're fantastic little boards with lots of potential in a classroom setting or actually any setting where you want to have a play with coding and making.

Tonight with inspiration from one of my favourite games as a child - operation I created a little prototype steady hands game.  I did this with a bit of cardboard, some tinfoil, lots of masking tape and a bit of trial and error, as well as a Makey Makey of course.  It doesn't look that flash but it was lots of fun and could definitely be worked on further to make it look a little less like a cardboard prototype and a little more like a real board game.

The prototype used a few Dupont cables together with tinfoil and graphite tape to make a complete circuit.  These were all connected to the Makey Makey and laptop then coded to react like the original game would.

As I used scratch I was able to add on the
points feature so gamers can accumulate points within a timeframe decided bef…

Virtual Reality - Creation in the Classroom

One of my new favourite tools in the classroom is CoSpaces.  There are plenty of possibilities with creation using this website and soon to be fully functional app.  If you haven't already discovered it, check it out...

How might we use CoSpaces in the classroom? Where do I start with this one? CoSpaces has a wealth of examples in their gallery already from creating your own virtual art museum to recreating scenes from famous stories, poems and plays.  Really this is up to your imagination, I think that's the best part of using this website - imagination and creativity are pretty much essential in creating an engaging CoSpace. 
There are a few pre-designed objects so you can start to create a space without thinking too much about how to create to objects within it.  But the real power I think comes from putting together the 3D shapes to create new objects, importing images and creating your own textures on stages and walls and then adding in your own audio content.�…

Educamp AKL - Professional Development in Real Time

Have you been along to an Educamp before?  I've now been to quite a few and I always come away inspired, pretty tired and full of lots of options for where to next.   The latest Educamp in Auckland didn't disappoint.    If you haven't been before here's the New Zealand Educamp Wiki - see if there's one near you soon.  Otherwise search for Educamps in your area - they're are plenty worldwide!
What I shared... 

Breakout EDU 
If you haven't managed to give this a go yet, give it a go asap!  The best way I can think of describing it in a few seconds is an escape room in a box... no it's not hiding students in a box :) but hiding clues around the classroom that eventually lead the students to the codes needed to unlock a series of locks and get into the Breakout box.
- immersion to start an inquiry
- reflection activity to stimulate thinking and discussion around a topic
- real time practice of collaboration, working under pressure, problem sol…