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Maths Staff Meeting 2

We're very lucky again to be working with Nikki Knight on maths.

This week we recapped the last staff meeting

What's the difference between the stagesStage 4 and 5Counting on to breaking up numbersStage 5 and 6Main difference is the complexity of the problem Two stage problemsStage 5 no re-namingStage 6 holding more steps in your head, renamingReal Life contextEnsure problems relate to children's interestsmake it authentic!Get children to tell you what the maths equation isModelling BooksUse them as a record of learning rather than a text bookRecord children's strategiesMaterialsMust give children the opportunity to use these and re-visit them if they need to Children might get to imaging however need to fall back to materials if they get confused or loose their wayUse materials in follow up if that is where children are atPlace Value 

Warm up NIM NIM 3,4,5Modeling book exampleSuccess criteria as steps Think aloud using steps Noting students strategies and what they were/…