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HOM Bootcamp

Four days of intense learning, challenge and great fun!  I really enjoyed the experience of bootcamp and I'm looking forward to implementing the Habits of Mind into not only our classroom but the whole school.

A few things stood out as highlights of the experience....

The first has to be breaking through a block of wood with the palm of my hand!  There are plenty of things that get in the way of myself and I'm sure many other people achieving their goals, breaking through those can at times be near impossible.  The experience was about doing just that, breaking through a plank of wood with your hand doesn't seem like something that's possible when you're first told about it but it is!!!  The video below shows me breaking through not only that block of wood but the things that are in the way of my goals.

The second amazing experience was listening to Art Costa in person.  He lives and breathes the habits and has so much to offer.  I was hanging on every word!  It wa…