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Karen Boyes - Mini Conference

What a great reward!  We've been very blessed to have Karen Boyes at our school for two days during the term 1-2 holidays.  Here's some of the notes I took while she was there....   They aren't the greatest as I hadn't quite got the ipad sorted so used inspiration which is particularly cumbersome when you don't have a tablet to write on!

Term 1 Reflection

Managed to get through 11 weeks now time to relax with friends by traveling the country can't wait! But before I do time to reflect a little on what's happened this year.... We use our school values to give us headings for reflection they are - consistency, respect, integrity and persistence. 
I've created a video that shows the things I've reflected on under each heading.

Consistency - I've worked hard to keep regular hours and to be around for people to work with me both asking for guidance and for planning together. - I've introduced Google Docs, Calendar and have created an ICT issues form for all staff to use.  This has helped me to be more organised personally and allows me to let others know what's happening. - I've continued to remain open to learning especially through twitter. - I've experienced my first term of team teaching and have really enjoyed it!  It's great to have someone else to bounce ideas off and it's made it much easier for …

Digital Kids


What a great video, what a challenge!

Have you seen this yet...?

Watch the full episode. See more Digital Media - New Learners Of The 21st Century.
I really enjoyed watching this, although it's American it got me thinking about what is possible here in NZ.  We're discussing our theme for next term next week and I definately have a few ideas for this that should challenge us to get our kids into the digital world.  
I think too often as teachers we get bogged down on the having to learn how to read, write and do maths and we forget how much more powerful this learning is when it's linked to a purpose.  What if we made a movie, wrote a book, developed a game, create a showcase for our school, invited guests into our school to experience us (with the Rugby World Cup on its way to NZ this is definately an option).
So true "We have to stop thinking ... what if something goes wrong, what if one thing goes wrong"  " We have to stop thinking we have all the ans…