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Socio-Political Contexts

The sixth blog in my Applied Practice in Context paper as part of the Postgraduate Certificated in Applied Practice.


Assessment Requirement : Please read the below documents, PDF'S and required book chapter. Add to your portfolio (Blog) an comprehensive personal interpretation of the following activities in relation to your student community.

The impact of language loss on culture and identity.International and/or local initiatives that are being undertaken to address language use and revitalisationThe differences and similarities involved regarding the followingindigenous language revivalmaintenance of migrant languagesthe continued use of minority dialectsThe impact of language loss on culture and identity.Include, where possible, a reflection on your school's commitment to celebrating language and cultural diversity. In your blog comment on new strategies that you could implement to support language maintenance and revitalisation.

Loosing a language prevents th…

Indigenous positioning within professional contexts

This is the fifth blog post requirement in my Applied Practice in Context paper, part of my Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice

The requirement was:
View the required videos and respond by writing in your portfolio (blog) the points of divergence and the points of convergence between Aotearoa New Zealand and your own context. Please add visuals, external links, diagrams or photos to enhance your response.

I work in a school that is made up mainly of families who identify themselves as Maori or Pacific peoples.  Although I have worked in the same school for a number of years I don't think my pedagogy has changed enough to call it culturally responsive.

Watching the information that was given to us was interesting and really got me thinking about what else I could be doing to engage with our learners.  I believe my main job as a teacher,  is to help them to grow to love learning.  I believe I need to work with our students to help them and challenge them to reach their pote…