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GAFE Summit - Auckland 2016

What a great two days of learning, sharing and getting inspired!  

I really enjoyed sharing three presentations while at the summit this year.

Blogging BasicsA week in the life of a classroom blogPhotospheres and Google Cardboard just like being there  It was great to connect with many teachers during the presentations, over lunch and through the twitter feed.  The #gafesummit hash tag was definitely given a workout during the summit check out some of the inspiration....

When I wasn't presenting I got the privilege of experiencing a few of the other sessions.  There were so many to choose from, along with they keynotes, these are the ones I made it too.. 
A few of my many notes from the day..  Session 1 - Genius Hour /20% Time - Simon AshbyI went to the Google Teacher Academy with this presenter and it was great to see him in action and hear about the learning his students are doing during 20% time.  So much potential her for developing student's passions and getting them excited…

Getting to grips with the Theta S

I've been out walking today with my son and we had a play with our recently acquired Theta S.  We managed to film some of the Pukekos we came across, they were quite curious about us and the camera.

Here's the video...

Not the greatest quality, the Pukeko also seems a long way from us when in fact, it was very close -enough to reach out and touch it.  Something to think about when shooting in 360.

Here's the workflow for getting this onto YouTube Using a Mac:
1. Connect camera to Mac and open Image Capture
2. Transfer video from camera to desktop folder
3. Open Theta app on laptop and convert video (basically stich the two spheres together)
4. Inject the MetaData (Mac or Win) using the Google App  - Instructions for uploading here
5. Login to YouTube and Upload the video

Once it's on YouTube it can be manipulated when viewing in the latest versions of most browsers.  However the really cool part is being able to throw your phone into a virtual reality headset (cardboar…

A GAFE Account with a Good Citizen...

I've been working with a great little school lately introducing students to their first and in some cases second GAFE (Google Apps for Education) account.

Our first stop on the journey was to look at citizenship and what it meant to be a good citizen when we're online.   The students were very aware of what it meant to keep personal information private and we had some great discussions about how we react to things when we're online.

We took a quick look at permissions and started talking about what we needed to do if we wanted to use someone else's work like a photo or video.  It was an interesting discussion about why we would need permission and how we would make sure that people new what we were posting had been created by someone else.  I think this will definitely be an ongoing part of our citizenship work as the year progresses.

Here's the agreement we're working with that's loosely based around the Netsafe schools agreement.  With further versions …