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Have you broken out yet?

Breakout EDU - Check it out!
I've had the Breakout EDU bug since GAFE Summit Auckland this year.   Although I'd joined the community a while earlier I hadn't experienced a breakout until the summit.  I'm hooked.  I think the idea of breakouts is just... well... awesome!  

The breakout experience provides students with a chance to really practice team building, problem solving and critical thinking in a situation that requires all three to be successful.   They've also got the added element of a little time pressure, so it encourages making decisions and failing fast. 

I facilitated my first breakout session with a class of very eager year 3/4 students.   They managed to find Cats Hat within the time frame, in fact I think they my have a had a few minutes to spare.  It was really interesting watching the class dynamics, who they leaders were - which actually changed throughout the game and also who was able to cope with not have a roadmap of where to go next.  

It was g…