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A Little Bit of Magic...

I just got a stack of books from Book Depository and got straight on to reading Press Here by Herve Tullet.  It was relatively easy to read this to a three and a half year old with a bit of magic.  He was so happy to see what the dots did each time he turned the page after clapping, touching or blowing on them.

UPDATE: Check out the Herve Tullet website  I see many more of these books making it to our house in the near future :)

It got me thinking about how we present things to learners including adult learners.  In a time where information is so easy to come by I think it's even more important to present things with a little magic.  As teachers / trainers I think it's really important to create a little magic with whatever it is we're hoping our learners will learn.  It's something I've been playing around with when training, how am I creating magic?  What am I showing people or helping people to realise that's going to give them a 'wow this is awesome&#…

Thinglink VR

I've been having a play with the new ThingLink VR over the last few months.  It has lots of potential for creating Virtual Reality that can be used in the classroom.

Here's one of my attempts ...