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Taking Time to Celebrate

Today I graduated for the third time, this time with a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice - Digital and Collaborative Learning.  With my fellow graduates I enjoyed celebrating our success in learning alongside other Unitec graduates who'd also completed their current course of study.  So why am I blogging about this?

Firstly to acknowledge that what myself and those who also graduated, have done, is awesome!  We do deserve a pat on the back and a grand ceremony as well as time to enjoy our success.  I'm really happy my employer was able to give me a day to do that, and I know not all graduates would have been able to take up the opportunity to celebrate like this.

I had a few conversations today about the importance of celebration.  Most of these centred around celebrating because we'd put a lot of work into getting our qualification.  This was especially important because this particular qualification was done while most of us were also working full time.

It …