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ICT - Sue West - Staff Meeting

Another great staff meeting bought to you by Sue West. What a great day, I've worked with Sue today and the Rowandale News Team to continue to develop our news within our school. We've also been able to work with Sue this afternoon in a staff meeting. Continuing to develop on the experiences we had at our Retreat in January.

I've created an Inspiration map from what we did in the staff meeting....

I really liked using ietherpad I think it would be a fantastic tool to use during a staff meeting or professional development session to share notes and ideas all at once, of course it can get very interesting and fairly competitive when you have a group of teachers who want their post to be the one at the top :).

I think it's also a great spot to collaborate with another classroom next door or across the world! I'm sure there are hundreds of other uses for ietherpad these are just a few we thought of.

Once again thanks has to go to Sue for her ability to introduce …

ICT - Rowandale News - Sue West

Rowandale News has now broadcast it's first 3 episodes at our weekly assemblies, the year 6 children have been fantastic at putting their mark on the broadcast. We've had so much fun interviewing children and teachers around the school. We've also showcased our classrooms in both the High Flyers (Senior School) and Busy Bees (Junior School). We've also had some great conversations about how to improve what we're doing including looking carefully at sound, using still images and video in interviews and starting to think about different camera angles.

We haven't yet published our news to the internet but we're looking at putting it up soon so check back to find the link to our news sites.

Sue west has been a great part of getting our news program up and running with lots of advice and suggestions for improving the program we're running.  A few of the children in the team have worked with Sue to improve their ability to edit the video and still images…

Advanced Phonics Training

Yolanda Soryl provided us with an advanced phonics training at staff meeting today. It was great to see a modelled lesson again and to affirm what I've been teaching for the past year. There were a few things that I had forgotten about especially the extra practice games. I think we'll definitely be doing a few more of those to get our kids through stage 4 and 5. I'll also be adding in the writing fluency which I have neglected a bit in the higher stages.

I really enjoy Yolanda's approach to phonics as it focuses on the teaching rather than the resources you might or might not use. I think it's a simple approach that really works! I have really enjoyed teaching it and have seen some fantastic progress in reading and writing while teaching it over the past year.

Here's the inspiration maps I made while listening to Yolanda's presentation this afternoon...

Yolanda has also posted some great videos of her teaching phonics, well worth a look if you haven&…

Young Picasso

hmmm I can actually produce some artwork that looks slightly better than my usual stick figures :)

We've been participating in course 1 of Young Picasso's over the last month and have had some great results. I managed to give the children a go via our teacher aide at using some of the techniques today. Mixed results with that one but have many ideas for what to do next time.

I think the best part about this art professional development is having techniques broken down, explained and then trying them for ourselves. I don't think I've ever had as much information as we're getting now on visual art. It's great!

Here are the display boards I created during each of the two sessions we've had...

Here are a few close ups of our attempt to include some of the techniques in our class mural today...


I've just listened to this presentation from Lane Clark, one of the Keynotes at Ulearn10 ... what a great inspiring presentation. Makes a lot of sense!

I created a mindmap of sorts while listening.... more later on how this might be implemented in our classroom.