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Global Maker Day

Today was a great day, I facilitated a full day of Making with Pukemiro School and visitors from Taupiri School.  What a great opportunity to work with students and teachers to encouraged a bit of making, creating and idea generating.  Everyone had a great day with quite a bit of pleading at the end of the day for some of the challenges to make an appearance again soon.

Pukemiro's Principal Wendy Sheridan-Smith tweeted during the day - I managed to make a few tweets too but was pretty busy being an idea coach for the Making Music and Crazy Maze challenges.

The Day started with introducing the students to their teams, creating a bit of buzz by renaming their teachers to be idea coaches for the day and then encouraging ideas by sharing What do you do with an Idea? By Kobi Yamada.  I really like this story as it talks about nurturing ideas and being brave about sharing them.  It's also inspiring, thinking about how ideas can grow and change the world.  I think it's important …