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Getting Organised

So going back to work has meant things get a little harder at home especially when it comes to having things organised.  One of the Facebook Mums groups I belong to suggested this website and this challenge especially.  There are a few of us completing it and posting photos of our progress.  I'm not about to post those on here as that's not the purpose of this blog.  However it got me thinking... what a great idea for a challenge for teachers especially beginning teachers and those feeling a little overwhelmed.  Wouldn't it be great to have a list of things to complete over 20 school days to get you back on track.  I'm sure there are a few challenges out there to help with this, I just haven't come across any yet.

It would also be a great way to get teachers into ICT too... perhaps 20 days to integrate tech in your classroom... watch this space I think it might be a good way to get some things humming with the tech our teachers currently have.

I so want to go to ISTE 2014!!!

I've just finished watching the closing keynote for ISTE 2013 and loved it.  What a great inspirational speaker to finish a conference with!

I've heard about the ISTE conferences for some time now but being from NZ getting there is a little more difficult.  However I'm determined to try dam hard to get there next year!!

So why did I love this Keynote?

I can probably sum it up in one sentence
It was real and it challenged me.

What next?
Here's just a few things I thought about during and after watching this....

'Google' classroom - why not have a whole classroom dedicated to that google principal of following passions rather than ticking a box or assessing the kids to death?  Stop waiting around - get together with a few like minded teachers and make things happen, even if it only happens in one or two classes, it's doing something amazing for those one or two classes so just do it.IEP for all, in that Google Classroom why not try an IEP for everyone that'…